Audi looks to play ‘family connection’ card in three-worded response to Carlos Sainz’ congratulatory post

Audi is set to enter F1 following the 2026 technical regulation changes and has already lined up a list of drivers if would like to see spearhead its challenge.

The german manufacturer was believed to be in the market for a driver of the same nationality when it begins its association with Sauber, but Carlos Sainz has now emerged as the leading candidate to be offered the role.

Carlos Sainz. Credit:
Carlos Sainz. Credit:

A number of drivers will be out of contract at the end of the upcoming season. This will undoubtedly make the driver market the most hotly-speculated aspect of the sport, especially if Red Bull continues its dominance.

Audi’s link with Carlos Sainz could have something to do with his father, who recently came out on top of the Cars category in the Dakar Rally.

The Dakar Rally is a closely-followed affair at the beginning of each year and features over 340 entrants from seven different categories.

Al-‘Ula was the location of the beginning of the rally in Saudi Arabia, which then drove nearly 5,000 miles before ending in Yanbu on the Arabian coast.

Despite not winning a single one of the 12 stages, Carlos Sainz Snr still won in the Cars category.

Driving in an Audi RS Q-tron, Carlos Sainz Sr received a congratulatory message from his son, who features for Ferrari in F1.

The 61-year-old father managed this accomplishment more than 30 years after his last World Rally Championship title, making it all the more special.

Posting on social media after the race, Sainz Jnr said: “We’ll never forget this @dakarrally.”

Audi responded to this message, saying: “What a time!”

It is believed that Audi wants to establish early contact with Carlos Sainz after the exploits of his father and they believe a family connection can prove handy in roping him in.

Sauber, which is currently called Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber, will officially become Audi in 2026.

Sainz is not the only driver that the team is courting, with an early belief that they were gunning for German talent. However, recently, Esteban Ocon has also emerged as a prime target for them.

At 29, Sainz has enough experience racing in F1 and if Ferrari chooses not to renew his contract, Audi could prove to be the best option at his disposal.

Which team will he go to? Let us know your thoughts.

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