Audi targets other sports in addition to F1 – “We will see what else comes”

German manufacturer Audi revealed that they were targeting other sports in addition to F1, saying that they have a plan to dominate the entire motorsport industry.

Audi’s entry into F1 is all but confirmed for around 2026. The report of them buying the McLaren group has since proven to be false, but last week revealed that those plans were back on the table, with McLaren’s shareholders being open to selling their stake in the brand to the four-ringed manufacturer.

The Teutons’ idea to enter F1 involve supplying engines along with sister brand Porsche to supply engines to McLaren and Red Bull. With the team already present in other avenues of motorsport, the project is fully taking shape.

Audi revealed that they were targeting other sports in addition to F1, and revealed their master plan to be Number One in motorsport.

As quoted by, Member of Audi Board of Management Oliver Hoffmann said, “We want to surprise with our motorsport projects.

Audi comment on plans to enter Formula 1 as engine supplier.v1
Audi wants the four rings stamped on the entire world of motorsport. Source:

“The Dakar makes sense for us as a brand because of the innovative and progressive drive concept. We drive long distances through the desert with electric motors and an energy converter (two-litre four-cylinder turbo from DTM).”

Universal presence

“From 2023 we will also be competing again at Le Mans,” Hoffmann continued.  

“We will see what else comes in the future.”

Audi are also reportedly pleased with F1’s plans for the future, and said that they are monitoring the situation regarding their 2026 bid. However, they insisted that they wouldn’t immediately join.

“The FIA have made some good decisions regarding the future of Formula 1 and last season was also very interesting,” he explained.

“But now we are focusing on the Dakar and Le Mans for the time being.”

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