Australian GP given approval by government – “The event’s going to go ahead”

The 2022 Australian GP has been given the seal of approval by the country’s government, saying that the green light was there.

Melbourne will host the race in Australia. It will be the third round of the 2022 world championship, with the sport returning to Albert Park for the first time since 2019.

The reason Australia didn’t host the race in 2020 was COVID-19 and the rise of the pandemic. 2021 saw restrictions and lockdowns take the race off the F1 calendar.

However, the 2022 Australian GP has been given the seal of approval by the country’s government, with the announcement that it will take place on 10 April.

“We’ve got a commitment from the Victorian Government that the event’s going ahead,” Australian Grand Prix Corporation CEO Andrew Westacott told Australia’s, as quoted by

“We’ve got a commitment from Formula 1 that they’re coming here for Round 3. We’re selling tickets like hotcakes, and we’re 80 days away from the event.

“So everything is happening, everything is getting ready, and (we) can’t wait to host the best drivers in the world, in new cars, on a new track.”

The Australian GP will return to F1 this season. Source: XPB

Third time’s the charm

“There will be the need for everyone to be vigilant from a safety point of view and for attendees to be 100 percent vaxxed, but we’re in a massive park, it’s predominantly outdoors, and we’ve been starved for major events,” the AGPC boss explained.

“So we’re working with the government to make sure that everything we do allows us to have maximum crowds. I am not even contemplating that. I think Australia has moved on from that, and I think Victoria has moved on from that.

“You look at the current rates of cases and so on, I think we’re beyond doing those sorts of things behind closed doors. There’s been no evidence of any event throughout the country where you’re having to do that without crowds.

“That’s not even on our radar, it’s not even been discussed, whereas last year, and the year before, that was often the norm. That’s not even a consideration at the moment and I don’t think ever will be,” he concluded.

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