Australian Grand Prix gets wrapped by $8 million Robbie Williams lawsuit

British pop singer Robbie Williams is looking to sue the Australian Grand Prix worth $8 million after suffering losses following the cancellation of his performance.

The incident took place back in 2020, but Robbie has reignited past matters with this threat of suing the event organisers.

The four-day event at Albert Park in Melbourne was set to feature Williams, Miley Cyrus and The Veronicas.

However, the Grand Prix was cancelled due to covid concerns a day before qualifying.

The Australian Grand Prix draws in huge numbers every year but has been forced off the grid for the past two years due to covid restrictions.  

Williams, whose deal with the Australian Grand Prix was facilitated by World Touring Melbourne, can expect to get some financial relief, The Age has stated in a report.

The agency has demanded a settlement of close to $7.5 million for the costs it incurred in bringing such a star-studded cast. A further $1.128 million is also being sought for losses that were made in ticket sales.

The fact that the Grand Prix was cancelled last moment made it impossible for World Touring Melbourne to manage its expenses.

Robbie Williams was set to take the stage just a day after the notification came, the agency further claimed.

The entire case is now being fought in the courts, with Australian Grand Prix officials refusing to comment on the matter till then.

Fans were compensated after the cancellation

There was some respite for the fans though, who were compensated with $99 they had paid for the tickets to see Williams perform live.

In the following year, the Grand Prix was cancelled once again. the Australian Grand Prix Committee had reportedly spoken with the Victorian government at the time to facilitate a strict quarantine bubble rather than the mandatory two-week hotel stay.

However, the Victorian government did not accept this request.

Action returns to Melbourne this year though, and a number of artists are expected to delight the 130,000 fans expected to be in attendance on Saturday and Sunday itself.

It is obvious that the Australian public has really missed its F1 judging by how tickets have been sold out 18 weeks prior to race day.

Let’s hope this weekend brings plenty of joy and excitement to the fans.

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