F1 authorities forced to take down billboard owing to drivers’ problem with ‘beautiful woman’ in advert

F1 authorities were forced to take down a billboard at the Monaco Grand Prix as the model in it was distracting too many drivers during the practice session.

California-born model Jessiqa Pace could be seen on the billboard, which was advertising Martini alcohol above the Mirabeu Bas corner.

Jessiqa Pace. Credit: dailymail.co.uk
Jessiqa Pace. Credit: dailymail.co.uk

This incident took place in 2009 and the authorities were forced to act as continuing to have the billboard there could have resulted in severe consequences, with the drivers complaining about the ‘beautiful woman’.

Eventually, jenson Button won the race. At the post-race interaction, he said: “Every time you passed her, it was as though she was looking right at you.”

Meanwhile, his rival Felipe Massa was quick to add: “Every time you passed into that corner you had this beautiful woman looking at you!”

Although the billboard was taken down, this wouldn’t be the drivers’ last interaction with Jessiqa.

The model was back at the Monaco Grand Prix in the 2017 edition when she partnered up with Martini again for a cheeky PR opportunity.

Jessiqa Pace. Credit: motorsport.com
Jessiqa Pace. Credit: motorsport.com

At the event, Martini global brand director Caroline Hipperson said: “Bringing Jessiqa back is our way of injecting some fun and glamour into the sport and creating memorable moments for fans.

“We’ve learned a few lessons since 2009 so we hope Jessiqa reminds fans of the pure joy of racing, but from her new, less distracting location!”

Monaco once again will host all the F1 teams this weekend, with Red Bull hoping to extend their good run in the season.

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