Bauer backs Latifi after social media abuse – “Take a while to reflect on the world”

LA Dodgers star Trevor Bauer backed Nicholas Latifi after the social media abuse he received, and expressed his disgust at what had happened.

Latifi crashed at the Abu Dhabi GP, and that incident triggered a series of events that culminated in an absolutely farcical end to the season. Even though the F1 authorities were entirely to blame for what had happened, some vile fans refused to think straight.

Many people on social media, particularly ultra-hardcore Lewis Hamilton fans, took to their handles to abuse Latifi for being a reason for the Safety Car. It spoke volumes of the ugly side of the sport, something the Williams driver sharply addressed in his message on social media.

Now Bauer has backed Latifi after the abuse he received on social media, and called for people to think straight before saying things.

On his official Twitter account, the Canadian star wrote, “You should all read this. Especially those who turn notifications on to say hateful things to athletes as soon as they tweet.

Latifi (pictured) was subjected to abuse on social media. Source: Reuters

“Take a while to reflect on the world you’re contributing to. Is that the type of world you’d like to live in?

“Well said Nicholas and all the best to you.”

Stand against abuse

The people who sent Latifi those hateful messages cannot be classified as true fans. The most bizarre thing is that the Canadian didn’t even do anything wrong. However, he was still subjected to the most despicable treatment, something we all stand against.

Fans should be respectful and diplomatic in their discourse towards athletes and indeed anyone. Social media gives a voice to anyone who has it, but it is not a blank cheque, and there is no excuse for such distasteful behaviour.

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