Behind Her Eyes star Eve Hewson said ‘she will do anything’ and ‘begged’ Brad Pitt to cast her in Lewis Hamilton movie

Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton and Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt’s upcoming movie on F1 seems to have caught a lot of attention. Perhaps an indicator of the extent of how big the production will be comes from the fact that Beyond Her Eyes star Eve Hewson literally begged her manager to get her a role in the movie, claiming she would go to any extent to make it happen.

Eve Hewson and Lewis Hamilton. Credit:
Eve Hewson and Lewis Hamilton. Credit:

In a candid conversation on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Hewson explained the events that led to her inclusion in the movie, detailing a conversation she had with her manager Cynthia Pett-Dante.

Hewson is a self-proclaimed F1 buff, especially after the release of the Netflix docu-series Drive to Survive. While having dinner together, she realised Pett-Dante was also responsible for managing Pitt.

“I was at dinner with my manager and obviously talking about it [the movie], she was like oh, he’s making a movie about it and I was like ‘get Brad Pitt on the phone right now’ and she called him and I said I will do anything in this movie,” Hewson said.

“I will have one line, I will be in the pit crew, I will do whatever you want, but I got to be in this film.”

The movie is believed to have been produced on a budget of $145 million and will be an exclusive release on Apple TV.

What exactly Hewson’s part in the movie will be is still unknown, but we are assuming her manager did convince Pitt to cast her.

This project will mean a lot to Hamilton commercially as well, with the F1 superstar intrigued by the movie plot. Essentially, it is a story about how a veteran racing driver supports a young driver in F1 by coming out of retirement.

Pitt, of course, will play the role of the veteran driver while Hamilton is co-producing the movie. Damson Idris, meanwhile, has been reoped in as the rookie driver.

Hamilton documentary under wraps

While he still remains fully committed to his primary role of driving in F1, Hamilton has made another simultaneous foray into the entertainment industry.

The Mercedes driver has signed up to make a documentary about himself which will focus on the various struggles he has endured en route to becoming one of the sport’s most celebrated names.

Hamilton recently confessed that the idea to make this documentary stemmed from the movie he saw on Ayrton Senna, who was his childhood idol.

With Drive to Survive opening to doors of F1 towards a global audience, Hollywood seems to have caught on to the trend of making the most of a sport that is growing at a remarkable pace in the United States.

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