Bernie Ecclestone gives ‘big slap’ to F1 fraternity in salty twist to traditional Christmas greeting card

Red Bull technical advisor Helmut Marko has revealed that former Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has slammed the current state of affairs in the sport by offering a new twist to his traditional Christmas card design.

Bernie Ecclestone. Credit:
Bernie Ecclestone. Credit:

Ecclestone was in charge of the management of Formula 1 till Liberty Media bought the rights of the sport from him.

What did Ecclestone do?

The 93-year-old is still a passionate F1 fan and follows the sport closely despite having no control over it anymore.

He traditionally sends out a Christmas card design during the festive period which highlights various moments from the season gone by. It typically has playful jokes about the concluded season with references to political and cultural events in the preceding year.

However, in what has been dubbed as a ‘big slap’ to F1 by Marko, Ecclestone chose to make a change from the norm.

Instead of featuring cartoons of F1 drivers and team principals, his card this year just showed a snowy farming field.

Bernie Ecclestone's Christmas card in 2023. Credit:
Bernie Ecclestone’s Christmas card in 2023. Credit:

The words written on this Christmas card were frosty: “I am sorry that I could not think of anything exciting or strange that has happened this year that could be illustrated on my usual card.

“So may I wish you a peaceful and happy end of the year with 2024 bringing you all that is good for you and a more settled world. Bernie.”

Marko saw this as a ‘big slap’ to F1 and felt the card was in bad taste.

“What an announcement! We got a big slap from Bernie for Christmas,” said Marko.

Why was Ecclestone so bitter over the 2023 season?

Ecclestone may well have managed F1 for a number of years, but his own tenure was not without controversy.

He often criticised women and former drivers and polarised various fractions connected to the sport.

This year, though, the card may not be just a case of Ecclestone taking a dig at the one-sided nature of Max verstappen and Red Bull’s supremacy.

Over the past year, Ecclestone has been involved in yet another controversy after he claimed that he ‘already knew‘ about the crash in Singapore in 2008 that saw Felipe Massa miss out on the world championship.

Following this, Massa initiated legal proceedings regarding the 2008 season, with specific reference to the events that unfolded that year in Singapore.

While we cannot say for sure whether Ecclestone is just salty over this particular matter, we do hope that he chooses to send a more light-hearted card next season.

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