Mattia Binotto has called for reverse grid races after Lewis Hamilton’s Brazilian GP victory, saying that more overtakes is always a good thing.

Hamilton’s searing win at Interlagos came with stunning racing moves and a truckload of overtakes, 24 of them to be exact. It was an absolutely mesmerising sight, but it was also a faster car at the back tearing through the competition.

That is the basic premise of a reverse grid race, with the fastest cars at the back. Hamilton proved that a faster car at the back makes for entertaining viewing. His win came after overcoming many odds, starting the sprint at the back and the race from P10.

Binotto called for reverse grid races after Hamilton’s Brazilian GP victory, and said that such an idea is practical at this point in time.

As quoted by, when asked about his thoughts on reverse grid races, Binotto said, “I think it is, honestly because of so what happened with so many overtakes, so much fun.

“I think we should really consider it and that’s obviously for the sprint race format and having seen what happened, I think it’s not debatable.”

Lewis Hamilton and Mattia Binotto
Binotto (right) thinks Hamilton’s victory means reverse grids are practical. Source: Getty Images

Not welcoming

Even though Binotto and some others in the paddock want reverse grid races, it is not a universally-adored idea. For example, a recent survey conducted by F1 Global revealed results showing that the majority of fans do not support the idea of reverse grid races.

Nevertheless, the Ferrari Team Principal is a major advocate for the idea, and the latest race at Interlagos surely cemented the promise of it even more.

There are no plans to run reverse grid races in the immediate runs. Any announcement regarding it will shake up the sport, but it may only be implemented through trial runs like sprint qualifying.

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