Binotto eager to get done with formality of current season to unleash real Ferrari challenger

Mattia Binotto revealed that he can’t wait for the current season to end, and for Ferrari’s all-or-nothing season to begin.

Ferrari has placed all their eggs in the 2022 basket, with the Italian team repeatedly stating that they were going all-in for the next season. They have even proclaimed that they would be title contenders in 2022.

That is some sort of claim, but there may be some credibility to the boast. They released their all-new engine this season, and it has been an absolute revelation. In fact, it has been a big reason why they have absolutely smoked McLaren in the past few races.

There is thus a palpable excitement in the Ferrari camp over what 2022 might bring. Binotto revealed that he can’t wait for the current season to end and for their efforts to see the light of day.

“What we had to learn, we have learned,” the Ferrari team principal said, as quoted by

“We’re no longer developing anything and it’s inevitable that we’re scrambling to open a different chapter with a new car. I’ll say it sincerely: we can’t take it anymore. We can’t wait for this season to end.

Binotto (pictured) has made a statement of intent for next season. Source: Ferrari

“We never really developed the current car. We introduced a couple of developments at the very start of the season and that’s it.

Success at limited capacity

Binotto insisted that if Ferrari get third place in the Constructors’ Championship, it would be overachieving at its finest.

“I think if today we are reaching third place, it’s because (of) the team,” he continued.

“The way they are working at various weekends has certainly improved a lot since the start of the season and not because the car itself has developed.

“It has made a lot of progress in terms of strategy, the way we manage, the communication with the drivers, the understanding of what we are doing. It has improved a lot in terms of tyre management.

“So overall, I think that the team has made great progress with what was possible to do, and for that I am so happy because yes, the third position is a great output of the efforts,” he concluded.

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