Binotto criticises 2022 cars – “They are more complicated for the drivers”

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto criticised the 2022 cars, saying they would pose a stiff challenge for the drivers.

F1 is set to bring in new regulations for the upcoming season. This will be a complete overhaul for the sport, with everything from the racing to the cars undergoing a change.

The new generation of F1 cars will feature a new set of aero regulations. It will also have ground effect and brand new 18” tyres.

However, Binotto criticised the 2022 cars, saying they would be a different animal for the drivers to tame.

“It will be a very different season, with very different cars from the ones we know,” he told Sky Italia.

“The regulations are completely new, different shapes and aerodynamics, suspension and mechanics all different.

“We expect different cars to drive, the drivers will have to adapt. They will be much faster cars in the fast sections and corners, they will probably be slower in the slower sections. They will be stiffer and lower, so more complicated for the drivers as well.

Binotto: 2022 F1 cars more complicated for drivers
Ferrari is looking forward to the new season. Source: Ferrari

“We can expect some surprises, especially at the beginning of the season, where some teams will have found better solutions that others will not have thought of. We will also have to show the ability to react if necessary and direct developments: as Ferrari it will be important to improve further and be competitive.”

Return to the top

“That Ferrari returns to the front is our responsibility. As Ferrari, winning must always be the goal,” the 52-year-old continued.

“An obligation is a presumption, in F1 no one can say they are going to win before they even get on the track. In our DNA, however, there is the need to compete and fight every time for pole positions and victories. This is a goal that the whole team has very clear.

“We’re all working hard to get the team back to where it belongs, with the best.”

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