Binotto provides update on much-hyped new Ferrari engine

Mattia Binotto has provided an update on the much-hyped new engine for Ferrari’s 2022 season.

Ferrari has announced that they will be introducing an all-new powertrain for the next season. It has had significant hype behind it, and has been touted as the change that launched Ferrari to the top of the grid.

The team boss talked about the engine development during his press conference at the Italian GP. Binotto provided an update on the much-hyped new engine.

As reported by Formula Passion, Binotto said, “The chassis of the 2022 car has been defined and is already in production.

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Mattia Binotto provided an update on Ferrari’s new engine. Source:

“We are still working on the aerodynamics, but above all on the power unit. We are looking for all the solutions to increase the power of the engine and still guarantee sufficient reliability.” 

“We are working hard on the 2022 engine. In particular, on the hybrid part, on the materials used and on many other aspects,” he said.

Italian plans

Binotto also gave his thoughts on the Italian GP weekend, and said he was looking forward to Ferrari’s home race.

“I said it at the start, this weekend may be interesting as well because it is a different format to the normal one,” Binotto said.

“So having the quail on Friday, having only one hour for the drivers to prepare for it and going straight into the attack is something which is interesting because it jeopardizes the overall balance and performance of the teams.

“In favour, generally speaking, I am pretty sure that we can address it in terms of details. I think there are things that can be improved. They are open-minded to discuss with F1, the FIA, and other teams and we can do it only after the three races and when the full experiment can be concluded,” he said.  

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