Valtteri Bottas has revealed his frustrations with his Mercedes career after announcing his departure at the end of the season.

Bottas will join Alfa Romeo at the start of the 2022 season, and has left Mercedes after five years. Towards the end of his tenure at Mercedes, his future was always up in the air. The Finn always pushed for a multi-year deal, but they never gave it to him throughout his stay at Mercedes.

In an interview with MTV Sport, Bottas revealed his frustrations with his Mercedes career, and looked forward to his new chapter at Alfa Romeo.

Mercedes engines could join Bottas at Alfa Romeo
Valtteri Bottas (pictured) says working at Mercedes was a little bit of pressure. Source:

“Here’s the whole career gone pretty much like a knife in the throat, always really a year at a time only,” Bottas said.

“It’s good to have a project that you can really focus on in the longer term. No need to stress about your own driving position and future for at least a few years.

“A multi-year contract would be nice. That’s something I’ve never had before in Formula 1….And it needs to be challenging, it needs to be exciting, it needs to be fun, (and) an atmosphere that I really enjoy working with.” 

New goals

Bottas has always been seen as a Number 2 at Mercedes, and hasn’t been the main man at Mercedes in his time there. As such, he wants to tackle the season with the Italian outfit with full zest.

“In theory, the performance of all teams should be pretty close to each other. There should be no big differences. It already brings such positivity to everything,” Bottas said

“The team assured me that I am a bit like a project leader. Obviously, if you get more responsibility and when you say something, it really happens, then yes it motivates a lot.”

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  1. Valtteri you was never a consideration at Mercedes as it was all about Lewis and the championship.

    Toto and Lewis are poor losers as you see it in their faces

    • Poor losers? But they’ve been winning both titles for six straight years! Red Bull are the sore losers, always whining and complaining, even threatening to leave F1 if they don’t get things their way!

  2. Bottas became the number 2 because of poor consistency – also Hamiton had a one year deal at the start of the year and a year contract is not unusual. I like Bottas but he was handed the toils and the chance to win a driver’s championship and didn’t take it – if he had been given another year it would have been that he was a proven number two something that he hasn’t lived up to this season.

  3. Toto learned his lesson with the Lewis/Nico farrago.
    Pure lip service to the idea of “no number one”.
    Poor performances held him back, maybe.
    Lewis leveraging his performances for preference ..of course on good luck to him.
    The interview after he starts at Alfa and only if they dont go the Merc powerunit path will tell the truth.
    I’m loving watching Toto and Lewis squirm this year. Both are such good winners..” these tyres are done ” lol


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