Bottas offers explanation to fractured Lewis and Max relationship – “I saw them having a chat in Turkey”

Valtteri Bottas has assured that there is “nothing personal” between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen this season.

Hamilton and Verstappen are engaged in a heated title rivalry this season. With five races to go, there is still all to play for.

The two drivers have had multiple on-track moments that were tense in nature, including two crashes at Silverstone and Monza. Although tempers flared, the duo have been civil off the track.

This is in stark contrast to what fans think happens between the Mercedes and Red Bull driver, that being hatred for each other. Bottas assured that there is “nothing personal” between Hamilton and Verstappen.

“I don’t think it is anything personal,” Bottas said, as quoted by GP Fans.

“That is my view and for sure, if you are on the podium after a race that you have been wheel to wheel with someone, you still have that adrenaline and it might feel like tension but that is completely normal in this sport so for me it is all normal.”

Valtteri Bottas Wins Wet Turkish Grand Prix
Bottas (pictured) talked about Hamilton and Verstappen’s relationship. Source:

It’s all good

Hamilton and Verstappen have finished in high places, and have been together on the podium ten times this season. They have also shared one-two finishes on nine of those occasions, with both drivers sharing an almost similar number of wins.

At the Turkish GP, Bottas narrated the story of the two drivers talking after the race. According to the Finn, everything was friendly and casual between the rivals.

“If I look at Turkey, I saw them having a chat and thought everything was normal,” he continued.

“It is competition and when you are competing hard on track you are not trying to make friends but Lewis and Max, they are both adults so they know that is the name of the game.”

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