Bottas reveals selfish intent behind joining Alfa Romeo – “It’s purely what I wanted”

New signing Valtteri Bottas revealed his selfish side at Alfa Romeo, saying that he was now focused on only what he wants.

Bottas departed Mercedes after a five-year spell with the team. He was very successful with the German outfit, but excluding his ten race wins, it was strictly a team victory.

On a personal level, the Finn couldn’t come close to winning the world championship. He was comprehensively beaten by teammate Lewis Hamilton for all the five years, and sometimes when he did have a chance, he was forced to play the team game.

Having left the team for 2022, Bottas revealed his selfish side, saying that now he was focused on personal glory.

“It’s time for me to really think about myself only, and what do I actually want, what do I actually need, what’s gonna make me happy and enjoy the sport and what’s going to be the most rewarding thing for me,” he said, as quoted by the Race.

“So yeah, absolutely. The decisions I made personally are just purely what I wanted, nothing else. That’s also what I discussed with my management team, that it’s only for me and lets us do what I want. And we made it happen.”

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Right call, right time

“I would say 50% of the decision was because of Fred (Vasseur, Alfa Romeo team principal) and knowing him from the past and knowing what I feel like he’s capable of doing with the team,” Bottas continued.

“Then probably being in that role of leader of the team and being the more experienced driver in the team. I don’t know if I can say number one, I think it’s probably never a good thing to say in a team number one or two! But the one with more experience and a leader. And a multi-year deal as well, that was a big factor.

“Plus, whatever I tried to investigate and what I heard from the team about how their progress has been going for next year and what their medium to long term plans are with the team. All these things factored together I thought it was the right thing for me.”

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