Brawn reveals F1 teams’ reaction to 2022 regulations – “There were moans and groans”

Sport managing director Ross Brawn revealed the F1 teams’ initial reaction to the 2022 regulations, saying that they weren’t very pleased at first.

The upcoming season will see new regulations introduced to the sport. The cars, the racing and indeed most of the sport as we know it will be overhauled for the better, at least on paper.

The rules were made with the objective of bridging the gap between the top teams and their low-tier counterparts. They will make wheel-to-wheel racing and overtaking that much simpler by altering the way the cars generate downforce.

However, Brawn revealed the F1 teams’ initial reaction to the 2022 regulations, saying that they didn’t see the point of them.

“When the teams first saw the regulations, there were moans and groans about the fact we had taken so much scope away from them,” Brawn told the New York Times.

“But as they explored them, they realised there was still plenty of potential.

Ross Brawn in attendance in Abu Dhabi. December 2021.
Brawn (pictured) is confident about the new regulations. Source:

“There has long been this suspicion the cars were not very friendly when they were racing each other. The performance of the following car was affected very badly by being in the wake of the car in front. It starts to lose performance the closer it gets and that doesn’t aid good racing.”

All through feedback

“There had been no resource committed to this area,” he continued.

“The rules had been developed by the teams who had all the knowledge, the expertise and the funding.

“The regulations evolve through proposals and suggestions from the teams. They never made it a priority to make the cars friendly to race each other. Suddenly there was resource made available.”

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