Brawn says nobody can sit with Verstappen in the same team and come off looking good

Ross Brawn has said that nobody can sit with Max Verstappen in the same team. Verstappen has achieved so much in F1 at such a young age. The interesting thing about him is that he has had a lot of teammates, and most were very talented and skilled drivers.

However, his consistency and ability to squeeze every last drop of performance from his car has made those drivers look average compared to him. Whether it is Pierre Gasly or Alex Albon, he has outperformed all.

The most recent example is his current teammate, Sergio Perez. While Perez has done better than Gasly and Albon, he still finds himself behind Verstappen in terms of performance. In his column, Brawn took note of this, and mentioned how the Dutchman reminds him of a certain Michael Schumacher. According to him, nobody can sit with Verstappen in the same team and look good.

“We’re seeing that nobody can sit with Max at the same team. It’s a compounding effect,” Brawn wrote.

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Ross Brawn says Verstappen reminds him of Michael Schumacher. Source:

“I saw it with Michael Schumacher and his team mates. The difference between two drivers in the same team can be small, but somehow it gets multiplied because of the frustration of never being able to close that gap to these truly exceptional drivers. You end up trying too hard or overcompensating and that pushes you back.

“We saw it with Pierre and Alex Albon, and we’re seeing it with Sergio. Max is just exceptional, and coming to terms with that with a driver in the same team is challenging.”


Verstappen took victory in his home race at Zandvoort, adding the Dutch GP to his list of wins. With the victory, he took the lead in the WDC standings once again, although the lead in question is just three points.

Red Bull and Verstappen will be eager to win both available championships, and will look to keep the victories coming.

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