Ross Brawn has revealed that he thinks the upcoming 2022 regulations are necessary, saying the current season has proven the need to twist.

F1 will implement many new directives next season, which include tweaks to surface aerodynamics and ground effect aero. The aim of the new mandate is to bring teams closer in terms of performance, and facilitate more competition on track.

However, this season has been a wild ride, with an intense title race and maiden race wins only part of the great highlight reel so far. The idea of shaking up these foundations is not appealing to some, especially if such exciting seasons can happen again in the coming years.

Brawn thinks the upcoming 2022 regulations are necessary, and said that the current season shows that it will be sustainable in the long run.

“This weekend, I heard some comments around whether the 2022 regulation changes are needed given we’re currently enjoying such a golden season this year,” Brawn said, as quoted by the Race.

2022 F1 Car Silverstone Grid 3 50s
F1 is set to be shaken up next season. Source:

“I think that fails to understand the fact that while the championship is thrilling this year, the cars still struggle to follow each other closely and create overtaking opportunities.

“While the 2022 rules won’t change the situation overnight I think they are a much better platform to improve the racing on the track, and I’m sure that once the new rules have settled down, we will see some incredible races and championships in the future, with even more wheel-to-wheel action.

Close quarters

“Why are we having such a great season? When I ran teams, there was no silver bullet. It was a case of chipping away at everything to make incremental improvements,” Brawn continued his justification.

“There is no capacity for a team to pour massive resource(s) into a championship and try and run away with it. The resources are now limited and the teams are also focused on next year’s car, which is requiring a lot of time and resource(s).

“And this is all contributing to a close championship. We still want a meritocracy. We still want the best team to win. But we don’t want them to win by a country mile simply because they’ve got a bigger budget than anyone else,” he concluded.

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