Brown believes F1 has never been stronger in its history

McLaren boss Zak Brown made a big claim regarding F1, saying the sport has never been more engrossing than it is today.

F1 has slowly been on the rise viewership-wise since the arrival of Liberty Media. Under their leadership, the sport has seen an increase in the number of fans and the pairs of eyeballs surrounding it.

2022 is set to build on that momentum by introducing new regulations. It will cause an overhaul and take a step forward towards evolution and adaptation. It also promises to be a more exciting watch with its various technicalities.

As a result, Brown made a big claim regarding F1, saying this was the golden era of the sport.

Formula 1 has never been stronger,” he said in an exclusive interview with

“It’s getting stronger every day. It’s (shown in the) record number of races, record number of countries wanting races, record attendance….TV’s super strong, sponsorship is very strong.

Brown (pictured) is happy with the way F1 is developing. Source: McLaren

“(With) digital, I think Netflix is going to be another great series, with all the different elements that took place (last) year.

On the track

“The racing should get better,” the American explained.

“You’ve got brand new race cars, which I think will be exciting for everyone to see. What (do) these things look like? How do they race? So I think Formula 1 has never been stronger.

“All 10 teams are financially very healthy or owned by people that can afford Formula 1 teams. Even if they’re not making money, they can afford them.

“So I just think if you look at all the data points, everything is super strong. I just think it’s going to get stronger,” he concluded.

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