Brown hails Seidl as “the best team principal in Formula 1”

McLaren CEO Zak Brown hailed his team boss Andreas Seidl as “the best team principal in Formula 1”.

Brown’s time at the helm of McLaren began when he appointed Seidl in January 2019. Before he joined Woking’s F1 team, he was at Porsche overseeing a run of successful Le Mans 24 Hours wins. He also led the team to World Endurance Championship drivers’ and constructors’ title doubles in all the three years.

The resurgence of McLaren coincided with the arrival of Seidl and the backing of Brown. With the two men leading the charge, McLaren began catapulting itself back into relevancy, and all that time spent in the shadows was worth it as they won the 2021 Italian GP, nine years after their last win.

Brown hailed Seidl as “the best team principal in Formula 1”, and credited him for instant impact he had for McLaren.

As quoted by GP Fans, the American said, “He has taken a tremendous amount of pressure off of my shoulders and has put it on his shoulders.

“He is solely responsible for the on-track performance of the Formula 1 team. I think he has done an outstanding job.

Why McLaren's Seidl is "the best team principal in F1"
Seidl (pictured) has been a revelation at McLaren. Source:

“I think he is the best team principal in Formula 1. He is laser-focused, cares a lot about the team and people and their well-being. He pushes very hard to make sure that they have the right resources.”

Teamwork makes the dream work

“The collaboration between Andreas and I is awesome,” he added.

“We get along great, are very complimentary in the contributions I make to the racing team and the contributions he makes and there is no overlap there.

“When it comes to the racing team, it is his show and he has done a great job. Since we have started, the team morale that we have, the tension, the on-track results and we have a great working relationship and we have a lot of fun together.

“I think that high-performance fun culture is coming through and is responsible for the results we are getting, so I’m very happy with Andreas’ leadership and contribution to the racing team,” he concluded.

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