Nico Hulkenberg is reportedly in high demand

Zak Brown has nominated Nico Hulkenberg “towards the top” of the potential McLaren IndyCar candidates list.

Hulkenberg has not been in F1 for some seasons now. He is considered to be a very talented driver, and deserves to be a mainstay at a racing team. The McLaren boss is aware of this fact, and wants him in the seat of the third car their team will run in 2023.

The Hulk’s F1 career and indeed a return is not certain anymore, and is looking for opportunities elsewhere. He will now test with Arrow McLaren SP next week, as he looks to get some direction in his career path.

Brown nominated Hulkenberg “towards the top” of the potential McLaren IndyCar candidates list, and is sure that the German would be a great fit.

“We’re testing Nico on Monday,” Brown said, as quoted by

This might be Hulkenberg’s future very soon. Source:

“I think IndyCar rewards aggressive drivers, I consider Nico to be a driver who gets up on the wheel, as they say, an American term.

“Very excited to see him, I think he’ll enjoy it, Fernando (Alonso) enjoyed IndyCar, Marcus Ericsson’s enjoyed IndyCar.”

Future plans

Brown mentioned that AMSP will probably enter a third car in Indy 500. However, it won’t be a full-blown commitment until 2023.

Brown says that AMSP will likely enter a third car at next year’s Indy 500, but there will be no full-schedule effort until 2023.

“We definitely won’t run a third full-time car next year, we will run a car at Indianapolis and we intend to run a car at some point later in the year in anticipation of a full-time program for a third in 2023,” he continued.

“Nico wants to see what IndyCar is about, we’ll see how Nico gets on, that’ll be part of the process, once we pull the trigger on that third car who might be in that car and Nico’s right towards the top of that list.”

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