Brown fears upcoming race ban for Norris – “An incident away from losing his license”

McLaren CEO Zak Brown revealed his fear of Lando Norris getting a race ban in 2021, saying that his entire team was worried and angry.

Norris had a stellar season in 2021. He scored four podiums and took a career-best P2. He also ended up sixth in the Drivers’ Championship, and looks set for better things in 2022.

However, he was also racing on thin ice at one point. Due to a series of incidents, he had taken multiple penalties, most of them through no fault of his. They all stacked up to put him within spitting distance of missing a race.

Brown revealed his fear of Norris getting a race ban, saying that both he and his team were worried and annoyed with the circumstances.

Speaking about the consistency of stewards handing out penalties as quoted by, the American said, “Having more full-time stewards definitely seems to be the right way to go.

“I’m assuming they’re going to come to a conclusion that figures out a way to better make decisions moving forward.”

McLaren driver Lando Norris and Zak Brown in Monaco in 2018.v1
Brown (right) with Norris (left). Source:

Not fair

“These driver penalties (are a problem),” the 50-year-old continued.

“Lando was an incident away from losing his license, which was crazy because I can’t think of any time Lando drove dangerously. To me, points on your license should be about dangerous driving, not racing incidents.

“So I’m more interested in all that getting cleaned up because we were racing worried about Lando.

“I have to remind myself of what the incidents were. One of them was under a drying track under yellow (he) went quicker in the sector, but the track was getting quicker. That shouldn’t be two penalty points, a disallowed lap maybe, maybe,” he concluded.

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