Brown urges FIA to accept its mistake – “They need to say what was right and what was wrong”

McLaren CEO Zak Brown urged the FIA to accept their mistake at the Abu Dhabi GP and take responsibility for their actions.

The FIA bottled it at the season finale, but the way they did it left a sour taste in everyone’s mouths. The rules were broken on the last lap of the race, leading to a complete shambles and a change in who ended up winning the race and the championship.

With the FIA still investigating what happened at Yas Marina, the time is nigh for their million-dollar statement. With it set to come only right before the new season begins, it is now a waiting game for teams.

Nevertheless, Brown urged the FIA to accept their mistake at Abu Dhabi and lay out a solution that suits every party involved.

“I think with all controversies in sport, in time, as soon as the next season starts, the wounds start to heal,” he told

“But I do think the FIA needs to come out with a, here’s what happened, here’s how and why we think it happened. Here’s what was right, here’s what was wrong.

“And whatever they’re going to come out with in the report, and then show that they’ve taken action to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Safety Car and backmarkers. Abu Dhabi December 2021
The exact moment the FIA turned heel. Source:

Not completely unacceptable, but…..

“I don’t think this was a malicious decision,” the American explained.

“So for those that might have a view that the sport’s corrupt, etc. I don’t agree with that.

“Do I think potentially a different decision could have been made? Yes, probably. But I want to wait to see what the FIA comes out with. I think we’ve all seen in sport before, referees make decisions that the people disagree with. Sometimes they’re right, sometimes they’re wrong.

“It gets pretty exciting. But then the (new) season starts and it soon becomes a thing that, while you never forget about, it was a thing of the past,” he concluded.

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