F1 reporter denies applying unnecessary pressure in controversial ‘Brundle Clause’

Martin Brundle has denied any involvement in the debated ‘Brundle Clause’ that F1 introduced after the US GP controversy.  

Brundle’s bust-up with Megan Thee Stallion and her bodyguards was the controversy of the month. The rapper’s snubbing of the former F1 driver drew the ire of many fans, and indeed that of Brundle himself.

The pundit ripped into celebrities who come to races as a publicity stunt afterwards, and took aim at those not having passion for F1. The higher-ups soon intervened, and surprisingly introduced a rule where guests’ entourages and bodyguards would be banned from the grid.  

Upon the announcement’s arrival, Brundle denied any involvement in the ‘Brundle Clause’, and said that all he wants is for the guests to have a good time.

He tweeted, “Talk to me, ignore me, shove, wave, hug, call me names, whatever makes you happy.

“All I ask is that you soak up the atmosphere, enjoy the privilege. I’ve not asked for any grid protocol changes.”

megan-thee-stallion-brundle skytv
Brundle (left) during the infamous Megan Thee Stallion incident. Source: grandprix247.com

Oscar-worthy performance

The aftermath of the incident was hilarious. At the Mexican GP, Brundle interviewed comedian and writer Travon Free. Free recently received an Oscar for his film Two Distant Strangers. His assistant bestowed an Oscar to Brundle for his interview.

Twitter exploded with positive comments and laughs, praising Brundle and hailing Free for being a positive example of a celebrity appearance in F1.

Hopefully, the 62-year-old doesn’t run into any more Megans on the grid, and he can conduct passionate interviews without being snubbed and disrespected.

The ‘Brundle Clause’ will prevent bodyguards and entourages from being on the gird, according to a F1 source. They will not be allowed due to space limitations keeping the risk of COVID-19 across the world in mind.

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