Brundle pins blame on Hamilton for pitstop disaster – “He put his team off-balance”

Martin Brundle has pinned the blame on Lewis Hamilton for the pitstop disaster at the Turkish GP.

Hamilton ignored his team’s order to come in to pit at Istanbul, and that ended up costing him a potential podium. The Mercedes driver was confident that he could finish the race without pitting, but that proved costly after his rivals pitted and ultimately got ahead of him.

Hamilton finished fifth and surrendered the WDC lead to title rival Max Verstappen. He was angry with his team on radio during the race, but Brundle disapproved of that reaction.

Brundle pinned the blame on Hamilton for the pitstop disaster, and said he should have gone into the pits the first time itself.

“I think yesterday was a mistake on Lewis’ part,” Brundle told Sky Sports.

“We have seen him overrule the team (before) and it’s worked out very well, actually. For example, in Turkey last year, when he ran right through to the end and it was a glorious victory – one of his finest, actually.

Lewis Hamilton's tyres were dangerously low on rubber, prompting his team to bring him in to the pits
Hamilton (pictured) paid the price for not pitting when Mercedes called him in. Source:

“Yesterday, I think all Mercedes had to do was mimic, to an extent, what Red Bull were doing, try to minimise the pain of him taking an engine penalty and a grid penalty to go with that.

“So, I think Lewis put his team off balance. They did a bit of a No Man’s Land stop in the end. It was too late in the day for him to use the tyres, but they had to stop.”

Team effort

Brundle also talked about how Hamilton was bailed out by Mercedes at the Russian GP and how he should trust his race engineer and team more.

“Of course, in Sochi, the previous Grand Prix, he was complaining when he came in the pits, but the team were absolutely right to put the wet tyres on at the end, and he won that Grand Prix,” he explained.

“So it’s swings and roundabouts, you have to respect Lewis’ seven world titles and his gut feeling out on the track.

“At the same time, he has to respect the team have got copious amounts of information. They’re watching the entire race, all of the other cars and when they called him in, he kind of put them out of their stride,” he concluded.

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