Brundle sends warning to FIA regarding firing Masi – “Be careful what you wish for”

Sky Sports pundit Martin Brundle sent a warning to the FIA regarding their Race Director Michael Masi, saying terminating him won’t solve anything.

Masi’s bizarre call at the Abu Dhabi GP turned F1 on its head and resulted in the fiasco the sport finds itself in. His decision changed the outcome of the race and that of the world championship in a completely unfair manner.

With investigations going on into the proceedings, there is a genuine possibility the Australian might get the sack. According to reports, the team which was the victim in the situation is also calling for his head.

However, Brundle sent a warning to the FIA, saying that wasn’t the solution at all.

“If the FIA and F1 want Michael Masi to stay, and if Michael Masi wants to stay, he’s clearly only got one life left, hasn’t he? So I don’t know if that’s tenable all round,” Brundle said on Sky Sports’ F1 Show special on Abu Dhabi.

“Who would you replace him with? Be careful what you wish for, I would say in this. What I absolutely know for sure is that changing Michael Masi will not fix the problem.

FIA race director Michael Masi at the Spanish Grand Prix.
Masi (pictured) may get the sack soon. Source:

“This is way too big a job for one person to handle in a 23-race season (and) it’s only going to grow – we’re all over the world.”


“Back in the day it was 16, 18 races for Charlie (Whiting, ex-race director) and Herbie (Blash, ex-deputy race director),” he continued.

“Charlie used to start the race and Herbie was effectively the race director until Charlie got back from the starting rostrum down near the grid.

“They had it all under control, but it’s just growing exponentially. So Masi, if he stays, needs a lot of support around him, and I suspect that’s what they’re looking at, at the moment. And who would actually want to step into his shoes right now?”

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