Button snubs Hamilton when asked about his favourite F1 teammate

Jenson Button has snubbed Lewis Hamilton when asked who his perfect F1 partner would be.

Button and Hamilton were teammates at McLaren for three seasons. They had a decent rapport, and both have a lot of respect for each other. However, the retired driver reckons the current Mercedes driver doesn’t tick all his boxes.

The British driver raced with his countryman extensively during their time at McLaren. In the 2011 season, Button even managed to outscore his teammate. Hamilton then moved to Mercedes in a gamble of a career move, and one that paid off big time.

However, when asked for his idea of an ideal teammate, Button snubbed Hamilton as the perfect F1 partner, and opted for other names.

“It’s a tricky one,” he admitted to the Evening Standard.

Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton were partners at McLaren
Button (left) and Hamilton (right) at McLaren. Source: express.co.uk

“George Russell is pretty exceptional. I think he is extremely quick, but also has his head screwed on. He’s intelligent and knows where he needs to work and improve himself every weekend.

“Or Daniel Ricciardo because he’s a lot of fun, he’s a good friend and he definitely embraces the Drive to Survive life.”

Life in the fast lane

Button is a former world champion, and one of the most talented drivers the sport has ever seen. The Englishman won the world championship in 2009, when he drove for the Brawn GP team.

Button revealed his thoughts on the sport, and said that nothing compares to racing in an F1 car.

“(I miss) driving an F1 car – there is nothing like it,” he continued.

“They are extremely fast, finely-tuned beasts. A thousand horse power, very lightweight and exacting equipment.

“I just love racing Formula 1 cars. Racing when you’re wheel-to-wheel with the best in the world, that’s the bit I love and that’s the bit I miss,” he concluded.

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