Buxton proclaims Hamilton as the undisputed GOAT after rewatching Singapore footage – “I remember him visibly shaking after that lap”

F1 journalist Will Buxton called Lewis Hamilton the GOAT after rewatching his 2018 Singapore masterclass, saying that itself put him above everyone else.

Hamilton doesn’t need to justify his status as the greatest to anyone. There are innumerable moments in the LH highlight reel to put the whole ‘oh it’s his car’ debate to the grave.

However, if one had to pick a standout moment in the seven-time world champion’s glittering resume, it has to be his qualifying performance at the 2018 Singapore GP.

There, while everyone was vying for pole position, the Mercedes driver stepped in and absolutely smoked the competition with a lap leagues ahead of the rest, so much that fans hailed it the greatest lap of all time.

Buxton called Hamilton the GOAT after rewatching his 2018 Singapore masterclass, saying that was but one showcase of his unparalleled greatness.

“I remember him visibly shaking after this lap,” he said.

Hamilton (pictured) is the best ever to do it. Source: Reuters

“The very definition of being at the limit and on the edge…perhaps over it a few times. Potentially the greatest driver F1 has ever seen, on inarguably one of his greatest ever laps.”

Head and shoulders above

As reported by the Guardian, the British Knight gave his thoughts on the lap, saying that it was the most perfect lap he had ever put together.

“That lap started perfect, and it just kept going,” he said at the time.

“It felt magical. It felt like one of the best–if not the best lap I’ve ever done. This track is epic. It is the most challenging circuit for us in the year. It is Monaco on steroids.

“It is about pulling all the little bits you have found through practice and putting it together – 99% of the time it doesn’t go right but that lap I didn’t have a wheelspin, I didn’t have a snap, the car was underneath me and I managed to maximize on every corner. I don’t remember one where I thought I could do more.”

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