Capito annoyed with F1’s packed 2022 schedule – “You have to tackle everything”

Jost Capito is annoyed with F1’s packed 2022 schedule, and said that it is not a sustainable measure at all.

Williams recently announced that they expect to become carbon positive by 2030. That would mean that they remove more carbon from the planet than what they add to it. The team’s target is feasible in that time, and they look forward to it.

However, the statement announcing F1’s 23-race calendar has put a spanner in their works. An increased number of races for the future means their target is in jeopardy. Capito is annoyed with F1’s packed 2022 schedule, and said that it is not a good idea.

“If you want to be carbon neutral, you have to tackle everything,” Capito told RaceFans.

“When you look at what the discussion is, it’s always about the cars and this is what is in public and this is what makes the public’s mind up (about) if we are sustainable or not sustainable.

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Williams’ future plans could be in jeopardy with more races per season. Source:

“I don’t think we can (make) the argument ‘no, the car still doesn’t really matter because we have bigger fish to fry.’ Of course, if we want to be climate positive, that means we are not just focussing on what the cars have because that’s what other people do very much.

“Also what is in the factory is an important part. The cars are the least but they are the most prominent argument.

Change in approach

“I don’t think we should measure emissions by the number of races, because then it would (mean) ‘okay, go to zero and then the problem is solved’,” he continued.

“I do not think that this is the right approach.

“The right approach is to lead the industry to get the message through. At each race, we are communicating to millions and millions of fans, and if we have the right messaging, we can inspire the fans to also change their behaviour here and there.

“That we can’t measure as Williams Racing or as Formula 1, but for sure, that can have an impact on leading by example and inspire the fans to follow what the teams and what Formula 1 is doing,” he concluded.

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