Capito offers support for Masi – “Nobody in the FIA prefers any team or driver”

Williams team principal Jost Capito offered his support for Race Director Michael Masi and the FIA in the wake of the controversy they find themselves in.

Masi’s call at the Abu Dhabi GP’s final lap has led to the fiasco F1 finds itself in today. The fallout from Yas Marina has seen protests, legal battles, divided fans and investigations, and that’s just beginning to describe it.

Even though the Australian’s decision made for an entertaining watch, it was a breaking of the rules, and something that should have never been done. It also ended up influencing the world championship result, making it a farce all around.

Capito offered his support for Masi, saying his job was very demanding and must be respected.

“I know Masi quite well; I met him a couple of times,” Capito said in the Collecting Cars podcast, as quoted by Planet F1.

“I had discussions with him, I had discussions with the stewards, I had quite a lot of discussions especially with Emanuele Pirro. What are the issues, what are the difficulties the stewards and Masi have to go through during a race? And I see it’s very, very difficult.

Masi (pictured) was the villain of Abu Dhabi. Source:

“But I think they handle it very well for what’s going on. And also Masi is very professional, and I don’t believe anybody in the FIA or the stewards prefer, at any time, any team or any driver. That’s absolutely 1000 per cent sure.”

Life is (not) beautiful

“I would say this is like life. If you say sport is absolutely fair, what is fair? Is life fair?” the Williams boss pondered.

“Life isn’t fair all the time. I think Masi did it very well under the pressure he was and the decisions he had taken. He wanted the championship to be decided without anybody else being involved, which is why he let the (lapped) cars through.

“They were first and second before the Safety Car, so they should be in that position to decide the championship. It’s fully understandable.

“Everything was according to rules that are in place, as I understand it,” he concluded.

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