Capito reveals team dynamic at Williams – “We don’t have a number one”

Jost Capito revealed the team dynamic at Williams for 2022, saying that there will be no preferential treatment for one driver.

Williams welcomes Alex Albon to partner Nicholas Latifi for 2022. Albon comes after a year away from Red Bull, and is being touted as the star signing for the team.

Many would expect the Thai driver to assume the role of talisman, having raced for a top team two years ago. It is a second chance for the driver, and fans are calling for him to be properly backed.

However, Capito revealed the team dynamic at Williams for 2022, saying that both Albon and Latifi will get the same chances.

“Of course, it’s good for both (drivers),” he said, as quoted by

“I think for Alex, it’s great to have this second chance to come back and lead the team to move forward.

“He doesn’t come in and say, ‘Okay, I want to win races.’ It is clear that he has to develop the team together with Nicky and us and all the engineers and everybody in Grove. And he seems to enjoy this role. He works very well with Nicky.

Capito: No number one driver at Williams in 2022
Latifi (left) and Albon (right). Source:

“We don’t have a number one and number two, they are both treated exactly the same. And Nicky can put his mark, there is no doubt.”

Two aces

“Alex and Nicky raced together as teammates in 2018. So they know each other, they respect each other highly,” he added.

“George (Russell) and Alex are personal friends. I think Alex is the perfect fit for the team at the situation where the team is now.

“For Alex I think it’s a great second chance. And I’m sure he fits well in our environment. And we will have a lot of fun with him, and him he with us as well. And I’m sure he will perform very well.”

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