Cara Delevingne justifies refusal to speak with Martin Brundle during grid walk – “Respect goes both ways”

Sky Sports pundit Martin Brundle’s ‘controversial line of questioning’ meant that one celebrity refused to give him an interview during the British Grand Prix despite his insistence to speak with her.

Cara Delevingne, most famous for her work in the Suicide Squad, was present at Silverstone and accompanied by an Alfa Romeo personnel.

Martin Brundle. Credit:
Martin Brundle. Credit:

Brundle had been informed over his earpiece that Delevingne was at the circuit and promptly decided to ask her for an interview during his famous grid walk.

However, the supermodel was having none of it, having been familiar with how this ritual conducted by Brundle over a number of years has often led to controversial moments.

Delevingne didn’t even bother to tell Brundle directly, instead sending the Alfa Romeo staff member to convey the fact that she would not entertain his request.

Her reluctance to interact with him confused Brundle, who insisted that everybody on the grid had to speak.

Regardless of whether it was a rule or just done out of courtesy, Delevingne did not change her mind.

She pretended as if she couldn’t hear Brundle, before the former F1 driver finally caught the hint and decided to walk away.

Brundle did have the last say though, commenting: “I’m sure that would have been extremely interesting.”

Cara Devilingne and Martin Brundle. Credit:
Cara Delevingne and Martin Brundle. Credit:

While social media went rampant with comments criticising the actress for her behaviour with Brundle, she was quick to address this by taking to Twitter herself.

She argued that it was part of her protocol not to speak with anyone at the event, especially the media. Whether this instruction was given to her by F1 or Alfa Romeo is unknown.

However, Alfa Romeo jumped at the chance to defend Delevingne, claiming that Brundle had put her in “an uncomfortable situation”.

“Respect goes both ways,” Alfa Romeo tweeted.

“Nobody should be placed in an uncomfortable situation or forced to do things against their will.”

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