Carlos Sainz admits to falling for ‘vices’ at Ferrari as Italian food culture begins to sound alarm bells on weighing scale

Formula 1 is the pinnacle of technological innovation. The fastest race cars in the world are produced in this series.

While talented drivers are required to handle these mechanical beasts, taming a modern Formula 1 car is not as simple as stepping on the gas pedal of a regular vehicle.

The intense G-forces experienced during acceleration and braking can overwhelm an inexperienced driver.

To succeed as an F1 driver, it is crucial to train one’s soul, mind and body.

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz
Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.

However, for Carlos Sainz, this task may prove to be challenging due to the influence of Ferrari’s Italian roots.

As a Ferrari driver, one is always in the hunt for glory. Despite a few difficult years, it is no secret that the Maranello-based team is among the top three competitors vying for the elusive F1 title this season.

However, being a Ferrari driver also means fully immersing oneself in the Italian culture of the team.

While the Scuderia has provided Sainz with numerous resources and opportunities, it has also exposed him to certain vices.

Sainz discussed this during the launch of the SF23, explaining how he is settling into the Italian culture at Ferrari.

“I mean, first of all being Spanish, we’re already very close to Italian culture. So, coming to live here, I felt at home straight away. It felt like I was Italian already!”

However, it is not completely straightforward for Sainz.

“One thing I cannot avoid and I’m pushing as much as possible to avoid now because I need to lose a kilo before the first race is the antipasti!” 

An antipasti is the first course of an Italian meal and includes a wide array of cured meats, cheeses, olives, mushrooms and anchovies.

“Whenever they bring the bread with all the stuff… I try to eat one plate [as my] main course, but they always bring more and I cannot avoid it! But I have to [avoid it] these next couple of weeks!”

Can Sainz turn Ferrari fortunes around?

Carlos Sainz. Credit:
Carlos Sainz. Credit:

Sainz has shown flashes of brilliance in 2022, including his first victory at the British GP. However, winning the F1 title requires consistent performance and sustained excellence. Sainz is well aware of this fact.

The Spanish driver was asked if he thinks he can improve on his showing from 2022.

“I do feel like with a perfect year, it should be possible, but we will need to be perfect next year and we will need to improve the car,” he said.

“I will need to improve, especially in the first half of the season and in the races. So, that is the target and you need to put high targets to yourself, and onto the team like this.

“You can try and accomplish them. And then let’s see what life brings [this] year.”

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