Charles Leclerc ‘feeling the pressure’ as Lewis Hamilton swap deal gathers pace after Ferrari boss makes cheeky admission

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc has been feeling the heat in recent weeks as criticism over his performances continues to take place, but the driver has vowed to push his skills to the limit in a bid to reverse the Maranello’s fortunes.

So far this season, the Monegasque racer has churned a mixed bag and has failed to give assurances to the Ferrari management that he is the optimal option going forward.

Charles Leclerc. Credit:
Charles Leclerc. Credit:

While the 25-year-old has shown glimpses of his skill by claiming a stunning pole in Azerbaijan, he has had more misses this season, which have been further emphasised through glaring errors on the track.

The major criticism aimed his way this season came during the Miami Grand Prix, where Leclerc crashed his car.

However, the Ferrari driver accepts that he has a “responsibility” at Ferrari and he wants to give a better account of himself. He is still feeling a little nervous as Lewis Hamilton’s rumoured move to the Maranello has started to gather steam.

“I’m fully concentrating on the speed and pushing the limits of the racing car,” Leclerc said.

Chalres Leclerc. Credit:
Chalres Leclerc. Credit:

“Mistakes are normal. Of course there is pressure, especially if you are part of Ferrari. Even the slightest mistake will make people disappointed in you. But I am aware of my responsibility.”

The talent that he possesses is not in doubt, but consistency seems to have eluded Leclerc so far in his career.

He has managed to win five Grand Prix races so far in his career and even began the 2022 season looking like he could give Max verstappen a real run for his money.

That title challenge petered out within the first half of the season, and although Leclerc wasn’t completely to blame for that, he knows there is a lot left for him to achieve in the sport.

Ferrari boss Fred Vasseur has, for his part, said that while all teams would be lucky to have a driver like Lewis Hamilton, Ferrari has not launched any offer for the Mercedes driver.

Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc. Credit:
Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc. Credit:

Leclerc keeps a level head while dealing with the criticism aimed his way as he believes it is natural for people to make mistakes. Bouncing back from them is what defines a great driver.

“As a driver you have to be able to deal with pressure,” Leclerc said.

“It’s part of the job. That also means that things don’t always go the way people hope. I have to be able to find out where the limits of the car and the tyres are.

“Hard work and consistency are essential for success, but it would be unrealistic to assume that everything will always run smoothly.”

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