Charles Leclerc will follow Max Verstappen’s footsteps with open boycott of F1 tradition – “You won’t see me anymore”

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc has categorically ruled out any future involvement in a Thursday Grand Prix tradition after a drastic rule change made by the F1 management.

The custom is for drivers to take to the track on Thursdays as they generally walk through the entire circuit. It enables their mechanics to also get a closer look at the venue and assess any potential challenges they might face during the weekend.

Charles Leclerc. Credit:
Charles Leclerc. Credit:

Many drivers are not big fans of this particular walk, with Red Bull ace Max Verstappen openly stating that he doesn’t find it useful.

There are others like Lewis Hamilton, Lando Norris and Leclerc who make it a point to participate in this tradition.

F1 tracks are considerably long more often than not, and certain drivers come out on two-wheelers in the form of bicycles or electric scooters.

However, FIA has introduced a rule that bans the use of two-wheelers on the track.

Charles Leclerc. Source: F1
Charles Leclerc. Credit:

For Leclerc, this is reason enough to follow Max’s suit and avoid this track walk altogether.

“I did a walk around, and I think they’ve just issued a new thing where we cannot go around the track with bicycles anymore,” Leclerc said.

“So you probably won’t see me around the track anymore [on a Thursday] and I’ll probably just watch the videos!”

It is important to note that this rule has come down directly from the F1 management and FIA is not responsible for what happens during sessions. It has been confirmed that there will be no exceptions to the new rule.

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