Why Charles Leclerc was given strict instructions not to wear special tribute helmet by Gilles Villeneuve’s family

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc wore a special helmet at the Canadian Grand Prix as a tribute to Gilles Villeneuve, but although he had good intentions at the back of his mind, it ended up hurting the former driver’s family.

The F1 legend passed away in 1992 and Leclerc’s helmet was meant to show how he has always looked up to the racing icon.

He was supposed to wear the helmet on Friday itself, but when he turned out in his regular attire, it became apparent that something had gone wrong behind the scenes.

“At the beginning of the weekend Ferrari put out a social media post about how Gilles Villeneuve will be honoured by Charles Leclerc,” Sky Sports reporter Ted Kravitz said

“Wearing a sort-of hybrid design in Leclerc’s helmet.

“We understand that the Villeneuve family and Jacques Villeneuve were unhappy. 

“I think with the appearance of the Ferrari logos on there – the sponsor logos.

“And they felt that there could have been a bit more consultation.

“Ferrari’s response and Charles Leclerc’s response? 

“They said: ‘This is absolutely meant to be a good-faith tribute, the intention was never to be where we are using Gilles Villeneuve’s helmet and the design to advertise our sponsors’.

“They were very apologetic if the Villeneuve family was upset.”

During the Canadian Grand Prix, Leclerc was seen wearing the special helmet, so it appears like any misunderstandings that had arisen earlier were put to rest.

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