Former Red Bull F1 drivers point out chink in Hamilton’s armour – “It’s unlike Lewis”

Lewis Hamilton has dominated Formula 1 since Nico Rosberg retired in 2016, winning every drivers’ title. After years of dominance, fans will finally see a formidable opponent to challenge the Briton’s reign this year – Max Verstappen.

Each race weekend, the title contenders go head to head, with Hamilton seeking for a record eighth world championship. Verstappen, on the other side, is vying for his first championship title.

Lewis Hamilton is now second in the drivers’ standings, six points behind his arch-rival, Max Verstappen. And with only six races left in the season, the Mercedes driver is feeling the heat.

Meanwhile, former Red Bull drivers David Coulthard and Mark Webber are astonished by the seven-time world champion’s unusually high amount of mistakes this season.

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Coulthard discusses the Hamilton factor

According to SpeedWeek, David Coulthard said Lewis Hamilton is under pressure this season, based on a few expensive mistakes and decisions from the Briton.

“There have been one or two incidents at Lewis, and most of the time he got away with it,” said Coulthard.

“I’m talking about his slip into the gravel bed of Imola, for example, or the guardrail kiss in Russia. None of them were giant rams, but for me, they still show – he’s under pressure,” concluded Coulthard. (Translated via Google Translate)

“We’re experiencing a phenomenal duel between Lewis and Max. But Hamilton’s mistakes are already noticeable,” said Mark Webber.

“There was also the big brake in Baku or the strange behavior before the restart in Hungary, when 19 drivers came in to change tires, and Hamilton was the only driver with intermediate tires to line up for the start.

“For me, some of these mistakes are rather untypical for Lewis,” added the former Australian driver.

Mark Webber, a nine-time Grand Prix winner, pinpointed the Azerbaijan GP incident. In which the Briton accidentally clicked the ‘magic button,’ costing him the victory in Baku.

Lewis Hamilton started the race alone as the entire grid rushed into the pit lane to replace tires.

If Lewis Hamilton puts up a strong performance to win the US Grand Prix, things could get very spicy soon.

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