Chris Harris blasts F1 drivers over Belgian GP events

Top Gear presenter Chris Harris blasted F1 drivers over the disastrous Belgian GP events.

After a summer break which felt like ages, F1 returned with the latest iteration of the Belgian GP. The qualification race was superb, and everyone expected another fireworks show on Sunday.

However, the only fireworks we got was from the clouds, in the form of non-stop rain. The race never started properly, leaving fans very disappointed. Harris, meanwhile, was absolutely fuming.

The Top Gear presenter, who is known to be a calm person, lost it on Twitter. He dished out some controversial tweets, and blasted F1 drivers over the Belgian GP events.

“This isn’t the best look for F1,” he tweeted.

“Tell the drivers not to be d**ks, run behind the safety car and get on with it. They’re paid big bucks because its a risky sport (sic).”

The British journalist didn’t stop there, because the anger had not subsided. He also lashed out at a race engineer who deemed the conditions unacceptable to race in.

“Interesting hearing an F1 engineer saying the cars are not designed to run in such conditions,” he tweeted.

“Given that wet races tend to be the best, should the FIA insist that F1s are capable of running in such extreme conditions?” 

Not well thought out

Harris’ tweets gained a lot of views, and many called him out for his takes. After significant backlash from fans, he deleted the first tweet, and put out another one, taking a dig at some people in the process.

“Poorly phrased tweet. Deleted. Enjoyed the few personal threats I was sent though! Love twitter,” he said. 

Harris’ opinions may be right from a fan point of view. However, he has to spare a thought for the drivers, who were helpless. There was low visibility, and we may have been looking at another Norris incident if it had gone through.

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