Christian Horner tipped to ditch role as Red Bull team principal for dream job

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner is tipped to be in line to quit his role at the sports drink company and take up a bigger role in the management of F1.

This statement has been made by none other than Bernie Ecclestone, the sport’s former boss, who sold rights to Liberty Media in 2016.

Bernie Ecclestone. Credit:
Bernie Ecclestone. Credit:

The 92-year-old may have ended his tenure as the supremo, but he still keeps a keen eye on events that transpire both on the track and in the paddocks.

IN an interview with The Independent, Bernie said: “I speak to the president, Mohammed [Ben Sulayem]. He gives me a call about different issues.”

Stefano Domenicali has taken over the role previously occupied by Ecclestone.

The former Ferrari team principal was appointed to take over the reigns from Chase Corey, who was Ecclestone’s immediate replacement.

However, Ecclestone has his reservations over Domenicali’s prowess and has questioned whether he is the right man to lead F1 forward.

“Stefano has never been any closer to things beyond the fact that he once worked for Ferrari,” Ecclestone said.

“Apart from that, he didn’t know what happened behind the scenes.

“I never had somebody beside me. I wasn’t a teacher. I didn’t ever intend to be.”

Why does Bernie rate Horner so highly?

Christian Horner. Credit:
Christian Horner. Credit:

Horner has been part of the F1 family since 2004, when he assumed control of Jaguar, which made its debut the following season.

Ecclestone feels Horner has all the characteristics and talent to push F1 in the right direction.

“If you had to pick anyone today, I’d say he would be as good as there is,” Ecclestone said.

“He listens well. He sorts out what’s rubbish from what isn’t.”

Horner has spearheaded the last two driver’s world championship campaigns by Max Verstappen and led Red Bull to the constructors’ title last year for the first time since 2013.

It remains to be seen if Horner is genuinely interested in taking up the role of CEO of F1, but he did recently suggest an alternate career path in a podcast titled Diary of a CEO.

“When I get to the end of my journey, I’ll go away and do something completely different – I’ll be a sheep farmer or something like that.

“But I don’t see that in sight at the moment.”

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