Christian Horner offers FIA golden solution to help Mercedes, Ferrari and Aston Martin match Red Bull next season

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has urged FIA not to alter the rules and regulations any further in the coming years to ensure that there is better competition.

Speaking with ESPN’s Unlapped Podcast, Horner felt that his team has understood the rules far better this season which explains their huge advantage and the fact that they have won all 12 races so far.

Christian Horner. Credit:
Christian Horner. Credit:

However, Horner believes that if there is little change, other teams will be able to catch up and it may lead to a more competitive field in the coming seasons.

Horner was quick to suggest that Red Bull also faces challenges of its own on a weekly basis, but with stability in the rules, these challenges are likely to come from outside the team rather than internally.

“With stability in the rules, there will always be convergence,” Horner said.

“If you want closer racing, just leave the rules alone, and you will always find the teams, you know, they will converge, and the cars will converge.

“I expect next year to be a whole different kettle of fish to this year.”

While it is true that there has been little to no challenge to Red Bull’s claim of winning successive constructors’ championships, the battle for second spot has been rather intense.

A number of teams are competing for the runners-up position, with five different teams having featured on the podium so far.

Only 144 points separate the team placed in second position and the one in 5th, with plenty of more racing action in store to keep everyone interested.

With the title more or less sealed already, Red Bull’s main aim this season is to become the first team in the history of the sport to win each race of the campaign.

Do you think they will be able to do it? Let us know in the comments.

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