Clarkson turns his attention to Verstappen amidst chaotic end to season – “He is a Belgian yob”

Jeremy Clarkson turned his attention towards Max Verstappen, and dissed him with a rather specific insult.

Clarkson needs no introduction. Probably the most outspoken presence in the motor industry, the former Top Gear star does not mince his words at all. He is also a massive F1 fan, and given how ugly the sport can get, people await his hot takes.

The world championship went to Verstappen under bizarre and controversial circumstances, and the F1 community was not happy about it. Good old Jeremy didn’t talk too much about it, but he had some digs ready anyway.

Clarkson turned his attention to Verstappen, and proceeded to mock him before moving on to other things. 

In his weekly column for the Sunday Times as quoted by OxfordshireLive, he wrote, “Then there’s Max Verstappen, who’s a yob.

“His dad, Jos, a Dutch racing driver from the 1990s, was convicted of threatening his wife and violating a restraining order.”

Jeremy Clarkson
Clarkson (pictured) had some choice words for the Verstappens. Source: PA

‘Yob’ is a word often used informally mainly in England and is used to describe a rude, noisy, and aggressive young person.

However, the next line saw Clarkson praise him, saying, “He just seems to be able to get more out of the car than it is capable of delivering.

“Go, Max. You may be a Belgian yob, but I’m rooting for you, boy.”

Rants and bants

No Clarkson F1 column is complete without a jab at Lewis Hamilton, someone he surprisingly hates a lot. He called the seven-time champion a hypocrite and proceeded to criticise him on various fronts.

He first called out his environmental activism, before targeting his finances. The Grand Tour star called the Mercedes driver a “tax dodger”, and expressed his disapproval of Hamilton telling people to be environmentally aware while he drives F1 cars for a living.

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