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Jeremy Clarkson has verbally attacked Lewis Hamilton yet again, saying that the Mercedes driver has become too “woke”.

Clarkson has made no secret of his dislike for the seven-time champion. He has repeatedly put him on blast and called him various names. He thinks Hamilton is a hypocrite, and he was at it again.

The former Top Gear host recently spoke about woke culture and issues like climate change. He verbally attacked Hamilton yet again, and suggested that he has gone into the wrong path.

In his column for the Sun, Clarkson wrote, “Trying to fix an entire planet by buying locally produced raspberries and insulating your loft is like trying to cure a cancer patient by trimming his eyebrows.”

He then talked about the green movement, and suggested that the reason he does not like Hamilton was because he had taken “wrong turns” in his more recent career.

Clarkson (right) ripped into Hamilton (left) yet again. Source:

“The problem is that Lewis has changed,” Clarkson said, and said that the once-universally loved Hamilton has been receiving “booing (…) everywhere he goes.”

No mincing words

Clarkson also ripped into Hamilton for his various beliefs and said that he is trying to shove his opinions down the throats of others.

“After the murder of George Floyd, (Hamilton) had Mercedes paint the cars black, he talks about how he’s now green because he sold his jet and has urged everyone to be vegetarian,” he continued.

He added that because of all this, people have taken a “noisy dislike” to him, saying that “this is a problem for the green movement. They get Lewis to be a mouthpiece thinking he’ll convert the rest of us. Instead, we all just want to throw something at him.”

Clarkson concluded by giving his take on global warming and environmental issues, saying that the approach towards it needs to be different. “The inconvenient truth is small steps just won’t cut it,” he said.

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  1. Clarkson should take a hard look at himself, not just in the mirror. Lewis is totally on track both in a race car and with world issues. Clarkson is all about shouting his mouth off and attention seeking.

  2. The difference is even tho you don’t like him many millions RESPECT him. Who could possibly respect a loud mouth who was fired for being a BULLY.

  3. I think what Clarkson means is that HE feels that way about Lewis. And as for the “bad turns” in his career. What were they? Racing for a team that brought him multiple championships? Racing really well?

    Clarkson moans a lot.

  4. What a dick clarkson has become.
    Pretty sure A LOT more people want to throw something more heavy than a shoe at clarkson’s head


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