Hamilton has conditions that need to be met before he announces return – “Make the sport a fairer sport”

The conditions for Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton’s return have been revealed, with all of it depending on the FIA.

Hamilton was denied his eighth world championship in highly controversial circumstances. The incidents at Yas Marina was an absolute farce, and one that left a bad taste in the mouths of fans.

The 37-year-old’s last message on F1 radio was “This has been manipulated, man”, perfectly summing up the race. Since then, he has been silent regarding the issue, and has not commented anything on his various social media accounts.

However, the conditions for Hamilton’s results have been revealed, with the driver’s comeback set only if the FIA takes good measures.

Speaking to Express Sport as quoted by express.co.uk, F1 pundit Karun Chandhok said, “My personal instinct is that he will come back.

“I think he showed in the last four races of last season his hunger to win and his inherent speed has not dimmed at all. What he did in those last four races, the quality of driving in those last four races was exceptional.

Hamilton (pictured) is contemplating his future in F1. Source: Getty Images

“It was just as good as anything from Lewis in the last 14 years. As long as he can come back in the right frame of mind, as long as the FIA can demonstrate to him they have made changes and put mechanisms in place to make the sport a fairer sport for what Lewis perceives to be an injustice towards him, he will come back.”

Promises need to be kept

F1 reporter Craig Slater stated that the ball was in the FIA’s court, saying, “(Mercedes) believe the onus is on the FIA to deliver on the pledge they made before Christmas to investigate the happenings on that final lap.

“Come up with some findings, they want to see something tangible from that investigation, and they want to see it sooner rather than later.

“The longer this drags on, the longer we don’t get a result to that investigation and some findings from the FIA in terms of how F1 is to conduct itself going forward, then the worse the Lewis Hamilton situation is.

“That’s from a senior source close to that situation, which I think is significant,” he concluded.

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