Coulthard called out for slamming Vettel, doubles down on criticism

David Coulthard has been called out for slamming Sebastian Vettel, but has doubled down on his criticism instead.

Coultard recently criticised Vettel for not operating at the standards he set during his Red Bull stint. At Red Bull, he won four world titles in a row, and established himself as a great of the sport.

He then made the switch to Ferrari, which was the perfect move for his career. However, the timing of it was extremely unlucky, as he failed to win a single championship since that move.

The comments did not sit well with Vettel’s press officer Britta Roeske. She addressed Coulthard and regarded his comments on Vettel as distasteful.

Coulthard was called out for slamming Vettel, but instead of addressing those comments, he doubled down on his criticism and insisted he was right regarding him.

“Seb’s stats from the beginning of his career are amazing with world championships he won on his own. However, Seb has looked different at Ferrari now also at Aston,” Coulthard said in conversation with Kronen Zeitung.

“Britta comes to me because I know her from Red Bull and says ‘You are not nice about Sebastian.’

Vettel: Too many races could stop F1 being "special"
Vettel (pictured) continues to be criticised by Coulthard. Source:

“But I then ask, ‘What do you see that I don’t see?’ I just say what I see. He was behind his teammate at Ferrari and is close to his teammate at Aston Martin.

“When he won races I thought, ‘This is a winning machine,’ but when he loses, I often find it very disappointing,” the Scot concluded.

Dropping standards

Vettel left Ferrari after a few years with the Italian outfit. He failed to win a title with Maranello, and left at the end of last season.

He now drives for Aston Martin, and is part of their long-term project to become title contenders. Vettel is already guiding the team with his experience and racecraft, and should he stay for a while, he could be in a title-winning car.

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