David Coulthard doesn’t believe that Max Verstappen is in Lewis Hamilton’s head.

The title rivalry between Verstappen and Hamilton has kicked up a notch. It has had everything already, from wheel-to-wheel racing to crashes and blame games.

The best thing about the rivalry is that it is not just an on-track one. The mental gymnastics involved have been incredible to see.

Verstappen took second place at the Russian GP after starting the race dead last. That came as a severe blow to Hamilton, who despite winning the race now finds himself in Verstappen’s sights again.

Many fans have theorised that Hamilton is feeling the pressure, with mistakes and lapses in concentration creeping into the seven-time champion’s driving.

Coulthard, however, doesn’t believe that Verstappen is in Hamilton’s head. He opined that Hamilton is only focused on his own racing, and he can only control things in his hands.

David Coulthard: Embrace sprints or quit F1 | Sport | The Times
Coulthard (pictured) says Hamilton is not bothered by Verstappen. Source: thetimes.co.uk

“I don’t believe Verstappen is in Hamilton’s head,” Coulthard said on ServusTV’s talk show called ‘Sport und Talk aus dem Hangar 7’, as quoted by Formule1.

“They both have a strong team behind them. They know they can always win. That gives me a lot of confidence.”

Momentum swing

Despite making history with his 100th win in Formula 1, Hamilton must have been annoyed at the sight of Verstappen’s improbable fightback from P20. The result meant that the gap between Hamilton and Verstappen now is a mere two points.

The next race is the Turkish GP, a race all too nostalgic for Hamilton. Last season, he won his seventh world championship at Istanbul, staging a significant comeback in the wet to equal Michael Schumacher’s record.

Meanwhile, Verstappen will want to crash the celebrations in the Mercedes camp with a win next race, and put himself back on top.

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