Coulthard opens up on why Hamilton has been avoiding public eye since Abu Dhabi controversy

Former F1 driver David Coulthard predicted that Mercedes’ driver Lewis Hamilton was “bored” of the Abu Dhabi GP controversy and was ready to move on.

Hamilton was denied his eighth world championship in highly controversial circumstances. The incidents at Yas Marina was an absolute farce, and one that left a bad taste in the mouths of fans.

The 37-year-old’s last message on F1 radio was “This has been manipulated, man”, perfectly summing up the race. Since then, he has been silent regarding the issue, and has not commented anything on his various social media accounts.

Coulthard predicted that Hamilton was “bored” of the Abu Dhabi GP controversy and was ready to race in 2022.

“I think he will be bored with everyone saying to him, ‘You were robbed, Lewis!’ or ‘You’re the people’s champion, Lewis!’,” he suggested to The Telegraph.

“He’ll be avoiding even having those conversations. I can’t compare myself to Lewis in terms of success or speed but one thing I think I can relate to is that emotional detachment, once the moment’s gone.

“The euphoria of success wears off quite quickly, and the disappointment of defeat wears off quite quickly as well.”

<p>David Coulthard (right) believes Lewis Hamilton will remain in Formula 1 in 2022 </p>
Hamilton (left) with Coulthard (right). Source: Getty Images

All part of the sport

“The big decision was when he committed to that new two-year contract midway through last season,” he continued.

“I don’t think Abu Dhabi changes anything. Of course he would have liked to have won. And I think he was very emotional, as anyone would be under the circumstances.

“But I think the reality is the shock was probably far less for him than it would have been for Toto (Wolff, Mercedes team boss), or the rest of the team, or his fans.”

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