Coulthard explains why he always sides with Verstappen over Hamilton

David Coulthard wants Max Verstappen to beat Lewis Hamilton, saying that the youngster winning the championship is more ideal.

Verstappen leads Hamilton by 19 points in the title race with four races to go. While it is in no way a safe lead, it is a number which makes a driver dream. The fact that it has been a hard-earned lead makes it that much more amazing.

The Dutchman is now the favourite to end Hamilton’s winning run, and win his maiden championship. However, he is up against someone who has battled back and overturned deficits before. Nevertheless, the support for him is immense, and among his supporters is the former F1 driver.

Coulthard wants Verstappen to beat Hamilton, and said that it would be better for the sport if the Red Bull driver takes the win.

Speaking to talkSPORT, Coulthard said, “Both of them deserve it, so this isn’t a question of just one deserving it more or does one have a better car. 

“They are both exceptional athletes at the top of their game, two different parts of their careers. Lewis is 36 and Max is 24 – very different. Lewis is a seven time champion and Max is trying to get his first.”

Verstappen and Hamilton’s rivalry has been brewing all season
Verstappen (left) currently leads Hamilton (right) by 19 points. Source: AFP

The people’s champion

Coulthard also talked about the kind of driver Verstappen is, and said that he is relatable to the F1 fans.  

“In the end, when the helmet goes on and the visor closes, they are just racers and both able to perform better than anyone else currently,” he continued.

“I think Max winning the Championship would be better for the sport. It would be a good little reset for Lewis as well to keep his motivation. He always says the eighth title doesn’t change anything for him and it certainly wouldn’t make his legacy any better. He’s an exceptional driver and has earned that right.

“I look at some of the youngsters who come up to me who are gamers, Max is a gamer and they relate to him. The business of sport is about trying to capture new audiences and trying to bring those eyeballs to the track. I think Max will do that,” he concluded.

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