Red Bull presenter accidentally bullies Daniel ‘Retardo’; Leaves Honey Badger speechless after epic fail

Red Bull is known for its stylish car launches which capture the imagination of F1 fans, much like any other top constructor in the sport.

However, this year, things perhaps didn’t work out so well for the Austrian outfit.

The event, which took place in New York, ended with a number of fans disappointed due to the unprofessional manner in which Red Bull operated.

While there was a big revelation (not that it was a secret) that Ford and Red Bull will be pairing up, there was also almost an hour of needless interactions which had nothing to do with the release of the RB19.

As far as the livery is concerned, it must be said that fans were left feeling shortchanged.

The car is almost identical to the speed-setter from last season, but many will argue that this was expected as the team has retained a similar livery since entering F1.

Giselle Zarus, who was one of the hosts of the event, caused quite a stir on social media.

She was set to call up Daniel Ricciardo, a popular figure on the circuit for a number of years who has now re-joined Red Bull as the team’s reserve driver.

When Zarus was calling Ricciardo to the stage, she got the first part of the name right, but failed to get a 2/2 score on the Honey Badger’s name, instead calling him ‘Daniel Retardo’.

Ricciardo is usually not one to shy away from landing a few punchlines, but even he was so taken aback by Zarus’ error that his expression almost seemed like he had been transported back to a bullying session from school.

“Welcome one of the friendliest drivers in the F1 grid, Daniel Retardo, to Oracle Red Bull Racing,” Zarus said, with Ricciardo struggling to offer a smile in response.

Ricciardo may not have taken the onus on himself to correct Zarus, but that didn’t stop fans from pouring in their views on social media.

One fan wrote, “What the hell is this presenter doing or saying?”

“The announcer just called Danny Ric Daniel Retartdo I can’t #RB19,” another quipped.

It may be argued that Ricciardo is looking to be a lot more careful at Red Bull right now, especially with just a reserve role being offered for now and his overall stock in the sport taking a considerable hit after unsuccessful spells at Renault and McLaren.

Ricciardo will be tasked with attending similar events in the future, but he will hope the host does a little more preparation the next time he is called up on stage.

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