Ricciardo prank goes wrong as he scares group of innocent fans with barrage of abuses – “You feel like you can be yourself”

AlphaTauri driver Daniel Ricciardo is one of the most likeable personalities on the F1 circuit and always seems to have a joke or two up his sleeves. His free-willing nature has made him a fan-favourite over the years and even when things get rough on the track, he tends to put on a smile that endears him to the public.

Ricciardo is known to be quite a prankster as well and although many other drivers tend to take the path of taking coaching with respect to dealing with the media, Ricciardo’s personality acts as a breath of fresh air in this respect.

Daniel Ricciardo. Credit: therace.com
Daniel Ricciardo. Credit: therace.com

Ricciardo was roped in as a guest in an interview conducted by Noel Miller on his YouTube channel, and the 34-year-old was once again at his cheerful best as he described the upbringing he has had which allows him to be himself in front of the camera.

“I was always like a little bit of a sh*thead,” Ricciardo said.

“So, I was like cheeky and immature as a kid. So I always had that little bit of mischief and whatever. But I think the more interviews you do as well as the more you just feel comfortable doing it, then you feel like you can be yourself.”

For the former Red Bull driver, it is imperative that he allows his personality to come out in front of the cameras as opposed to being ‘robotic’ in his responses. This has often led to a number of pranks, with fans becoming unsuspecting targets.

An instance where Ricciardo did something to perturb fans recently took place. A group came up to him asking if he really was Daniel Ricciardo. Always up for a theatrical performance, Ricciardo started hurling abuses at them as if to suggest that he was offended by the question. His performance was so convincing that the entire group quickly fled the scene in a state of utter confusion!

Ricciardo’s nature of being fun-loving is not something he has inculcated in recent years. Although many kids can be mischievous, few people tend to allow that side to shine through in front of the camera. He spoke about this in an open letter through The Players’ Tribune.

One of the primary motivators for the 34-year-old to continue playing pranks is the desire to feel young again. For him, it would be special to end his career and open his Wikipedia page to find something different about himself compared to other drivers.

However, his career goal is for the words ‘former world champion’ to be printed in the description, with another section dedicated to how he managed to change the landscape of the sport.

Part of the reason for Ricciardo to behave in the manner that he does is also to inspire youngsters to take up the sport, proving that one can be youthful and still carve out a profession that pays good money.

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