Daniel Ricciardo provides remarkable driving stat to present fresh case for immediate contract offer from Red Bull

AlphaTauri driver Daniel Ricciardo has had a significant career in F1 that spans over a decade, having made his debut in the sport back in 2011 with HRT.

His undeniable talent was obvious for all to see and it helped him get a contract at Red Bull in 2014.

Christian Horner and Daniel Ricciardo. Credit: motorsport.com
Christian Horner and Daniel Ricciardo. Credit: motorsport.com

While Ricciardo displayed skill during his time at the Milton Keynes-based outfit in a spell that saw him register seven wins, he chose to pursue other options when it became clear that they would prioritise Max Verstappen over him.

Ever since leaving Red Bull, Ricciardo has been struggling to rediscover his best form.

The Honey Badger is intent on making a return to the team where he enjoyed his greatest run in the sport alongside Verstappen and recent stats coming in may well tempt Red Bull to formally offer him a contract to replace the under-fire Sergio Perez.

Ricciardo’s stats show remarkable consistency which is exactly what Red Bull is looking for as Perez continues to feel the pressure of featuring at a team that doesn’t seem all that keen on keeping him in the long-run.

Ricciardo has been involved in only eight crashes over his career, which is just 3.35% of the total races he has participated in.

Looking at other drivers, it becomes clear just how remarkable a stat this is, with Lewis Hamilton involved in 15 crashes out of 332 races (4.52%), while Max Verstappen has had 13 crashes in 185 appearances (7.03%).

However, what will be slightly more worrying for Ricciardo is his high rate of retirements (DNFs) owing to engine breakdowns and mechanical issues.

He is amongst the top five drivers in F1 in terms of this measure, getting a DNF in 30 races.

Fernando Alonso’s longevity in the sport sees him with 60 such incidents, while Max Verstappen has had 18 and Hamilton has only had 17 retirements.

Had luck been on his side and a better engine in terms of consistency, Ricciardo’s overall racing record may well have looked very different.

Recent times have been testing for Ricciardo, who was left without a team in 2023 after an unsuccessful stint with McLaren that resulted in his contract being terminated.

As luck would have it, he only spent half the season without a full-time role, as Nyck de Vries’ poor stint at AlphaTauri opened the door for his comeback.

Time will tell if Red Bull does indeed offer him a contract that will see him reunite with Verstappen.

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